Workforce News

State News: 

  • INCHWA Develops CHW Leadership in Indiana
  • CHWs are hired through the Indiana State Health Department to lead an effort to build Health Equity Councils in the ten preparedness districts. 
  • Any CHW Member can take the leadership training through their Level two membership.
Download: Article - The Vital Role of CHW Associations - April 2024
Download: Medicaid Reimbursement for CHW Services- May 31, 2018
Download: GRITT© Advocate Certificate Info. - Mindfulness Training for CHWs 2024
2018 Governors Task Force Recommendations - Dashboard

National News:

  • As of March 2021, the CDC planned to provide $300 million towards CHW services to support COVID-19 control and prevention and an additional $32 million towards training, technical assistance, and evaluation of CHWs. President Biden's plan included increasing the CHW workforce by 150,000 nationally, pledged to provide direct grant funding, and added CHW services as an optional benefit for states through Medicaid. States can better maximize the sustainability of the workforce as funding opportunities arise to revise existing regulations around CHW reimbursement.

  • In 2022, News and Updates from the C3 Project - The National CHW Core Consensus Project and current field-driven CHWs Roles and Competencies were released at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting.

  • Updating the definition of what is a Community Health Worker. INCHWA has partnered with the National Community Health Worker Association (NACHWA) to update roles and competencies for the workforce. We have become members of the NACHW Workforce Development Committee. We are exploring how the workforce has been impacted post-pandemic. News updates will be shared in our newsletters.

Download: Current Field-Driven CHW Roles and Core Competencies
Download: CHW Pay Equity
Download: Perception of CHWs in Care Teams