CHW Appreciation Day 2023

Governor Eric Holcomb has signed

the Executive Order Proclamation

July 28th, 2023

is Community Health Worker Appreciation Day.


  • Community Health Workers improve health and wellness for lower-income, underrepresented, and minority communities and, 
  • Community Health Workers deliver education and share resources about disease prevention and treatment and remove obstacles to community members' health and wellness; and,
  • Community Health Workers' assistance to pregnant women in these communities contributes to healthier birth weights and decreased rates of early delivery, and,
  • Community Health Workers' endeavors to improve health care quality for all Hoosiers are vital to improving the health of our state's most vulnerable populations; and,
  • efforts to conduct outreach and health education, provide support for patients and advocate for reducing disparities in health care should be commended. 

Let's Celebrate and Appreciate!

  1. Nominate a Champion CHW!
    • A true champion of the Community Health Worker (CHW) role is someone who exudes compassion towards their community and establishes a deep connection with its people. Their experience and maturity in this role earn the community's trust, and their unbiased approach to situations and decisions demonstrates a strong commitment to social justice. Additionally, their self-awareness, inner health, and understanding are essential qualities that enable them to effectively teach and empower the community.

  2. Attend one of our celebrations.
    • We will be announcing how employers, partners, and the community will celebrate during the month of June.
    • Look for announcements in social media or emails about what is happening, and take time to celebrate and appreciate.
  3. Employers who want to express your appreciation to your CHWs, let us know how you are doing it so we recognize your involvement.  Contact our  Media Department.
  4. Become a sponsor to help us with the celebration cost; please get in touch with Carey Frazier.  Your organization's name or logo will be placed on our commemorative shirts, needed for print by 6/29/23.
  5. Purchase a commemorative T-shirt by clicking here. These will be mailed out after July 5th.
Download: Nomination for CHW Champion Due 7/14/23
Download: Become a Sponsor of CHW Appreciation Celebrations