Advisory Board

CHWs are trusted community members rising to lead change in their communities. INCHWA has created the Advisory Board for two distinct purposes:

  1. To inform INCHWA leadership about the opportunities for improvement that exist for the workforce and the public health landscape. 
  2. To offer Certified CHWs who are members of INCHWA a way of advancing in their profession.  Members who serve on the Advisory Board participate in leadership courses designed to prepare the CCHW to step into leadership roles in their communities.  They will learn about community capacity building, policy, and strategies to ignite change in their communities.

CCHW who are INCHWA members are invited to apply for this 6-month volunteer commitment.  The experience will make the CCHW eligible to serve as an apprentice member of the Board of Directors.  This one-year volunteer apprenticeship, provides the CCHW an opportunity to learn about governance and participate in the leadership tasks of INCHWA as a leader in the industry, a non-profit business, and an advocate for the CHW workforce in Indiana.

Description of Advisory Board Position
Application for Advisory Board