The Indiana Community Health Workers Association (INCHWA) is a professional association advocating for the community health workers of Indiana.


INCHWA's mission is to support the workforce of Indiana's CHWs through a unified voice with the vision to build healthy communities by advancing the CHW profession through evidence-based strategies, education, and advocacy.


  • Promote CHWs and their role on the healthcare team,
  • Educate CHWs, healthcare professionals, employers, community members, and stakeholders,
  • Advocate for CHWs alongside local and statewide policymakers, and
  • We uphold high-quality and ethical standards for CHW certification education, meeting national and state workforce requirements, as recommended by the Governor’s CHW Task Force of 2018.

We provide the following for all Indiana CHWs:

Information About Consulting Services Available with INCHWA
We are a non-profit organization providing a community for the CHW workforce and supporters
through membership and monthly events.

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