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advocating for the community health workers

of Indiana.

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INCHWA's mission is to support the workforce of Indiana's CHWs through a unified voice with the vision to build healthy communities by advancing the CHW profession through evidence-based strategies, education, and advocacy.

How we support the workforce:

  • Promote CHWs and their role inthe healthcare team,
  • Educate CHWs, healthcare professionals, community members and stake holders,
  • Advocate for CHWs alongside local, statewide and national policymakers.
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How to Join INCHWA


All INCHWA Recognized Certified CHW Training Organizations offer a foundational CHW training program that prepares students for the workforce. Each training program adheres to the CHW Scope of Practice and covers all CHW Core Competencies.

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Membership Levels

Level #1


  • Understanding Diabetes Course
  • Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke Course
  • Asthma Education for CHWs Course
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • CHW Alerts
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Level #2


  • INCHWA's entire Training Library
  • Resources
  • Job Postings
  • CHW Community
  • CHW Self-Care Groups
  • Learning Huddles
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Partner Membership

Varying Levels

Benefits vary by partnership type but may include:

  • Consulting Services discount
  • Promotion of your job postings, CHW training courses, or projects
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Specialty Trainings
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